Is the DW9052-1V the Most affordable G Shock?

Casio G Shock DW9052-1V Watch Review

The Casio DW9052-1V is a popular G Shock offering from Casio that has all the basic features of a tough, shock resistant watch ready for everyone. If you want a watch that can survive harsh environments and active lifestyles, the DW9052-1V is for you. If you live a life full of activity but want a less busy design for a watch you can wear everyday, the G Shock DW9052-1V is your Watch. This G Shock has to be one of the best values around.




G Shock DW9052-1V

Who is the G Shock DW9052-1V best suited for?

This is the watch. If you have been obsessively looking at rugged digital watches, and are cheap, like me, this is it. This is a mans watch. This is a watch for guys who do things. If you are a lover AND a fighter, this watch is for you. If you ever thought about being a cop or a fireman, this watch is for you. If you ever dreamed of going out like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, this watch is for you. If your “watch collection” is 3.5 broken watches, this watch is for you. If you are at the point in life where you confidently meet other men’s eyes and give the half up nod, this watch is for you.

DW9052-1V Face shot

G Shock DW9052-1V Description

I have probably lusted over G-Shock watches for over 2 decades when I first saw one that a relative owned. However, I have very small wrists and always feared it would be too large for me. When I saw the DW9052-1V classic model at Amazon’s offered price, I figured I didn’t have much to lose.

The display is easy to read, but might be a tad small for those with poor eyesight. The green illumination is a neat change from all the Indiglo watches I own and makes reading the watch at night a breeze. The DW9052-1V has a good set of time functions, most of which I probably will never use. It is water resistant to 200m, which is twice as deep as any of my Timex watches. It’s even rated for recreational scuba diving.

DW9052-1V Face

DW9052-1V Design of G Shock Watch

It features a basic design with a regular resin strap that closes using one pin and multiple tightening levels and a case with a stainless steel back which has four buttons on the sides that I will talk about later on. However what is somewhat interesting or unusual is the display, because it is actually split into two different parts with a little indicator in between. On the top, by default you can see the day of the week along the date and bellow the time is shown with hours, minutes and seconds.


The alarm sound is pretty loud to wake you up, although I would not recommend relying on it in any noisy environment, the backlight is good only to the extent that it simply exists to make the display readable in the dark, but in any other way it is just mediocre. You won’t get any kind of smart settings for it, like auto illumination once you get in darker places or any stuff like that. Also, undoubtedly you won’t see a thing on the display when making dives underwater. For some, this may be a big thing, for others maybe not so, but I considered it to be worth mentioning.


There are plenty soldiers deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan that have been equipped with this G-Shock mainly because they needed a simple, lightweight watch yet practical and with lots of functionalities. And many of them successfully returned with a still functioning and ready for action watch proving that Casio did a good job with the DW9052-1V.

Finally, the astounding number of positive reviews that this watch has received can be seen as a good indicator of how the majority of people perceive it. You can weigh the pros and cons and decide whether the Casio G-Shock DW9052-1V is a watch for you.

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