Timex T2N651 Dial


The Timex Weekender Olive T2N651 is made by Timex. A brand that has set its name as one of the most popular brands in the affordable price range. Founded in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, this company became so known for their reliability, dependability, and their accuracy that the USA used Timex watches during World War I.

Even today, the Timex watches are known for their indestructibility. Timex offers many sports watches, known as “Ironman”, that are loved by its wearers.

Timex is also known for their use of nylon straps. These straps come in many different designs and colors to personalize ones watch.

This review will cover the Timex Weekender Olive T2N651.


The weekender is a classic design from Timex that has been around for a while. It is one of their most popular offering and has a number of design features that set it a part. The first being the use of arabic numerals for each hour, including 24 hour time. The numbers are printed directly onto the dial as a cost saving measure, and as one might expect it takes some getting used to. This model has the second ring of hours going up to 24 giving it a bit of a military utilitarian look.

Timex Weekender T2N651

Timex Weekender T2N651 Olive Strap

The weekender has a 38mm brass case with a silver look to it. It is 9mm thick, which is not too large that it looks out of place like an invicta can. The dimensions are just right. In a time where everything is bigger, the Weekender is a nice throw back. The hour hands are black, and the second hand is red which gives a nice contrast.

The crystal is mineral, rather than sapphire that you would find in a higher end watch. Because of this is scratches much easier. Its not super easy to scratch, but it is certainly something to be mindful of if you plan on being active with this.

I think the name “Weekender” suits the watch very well. When I think of weekend, I think about my free time. I would wear a casual outfit, I would go out with friends and do some activities. This watch would fit perfectly doing so. The Weekender is a great casual watch for a night with friends.


The Timex Weekender is powered by a Quartz movement that will last for about two years. There is a disadvantage to this movement: it is quite loud for a watch. The ticking can be heard quite easily, especially at night. Some people may find this bothersome. What I recommend you to do is to keep it in a different room than your bedroom. This is the biggest concern. I don’t sleep with a watch on, and leave my collection in the closet in my watch box.


Lume: Indiglo

The Timex Weekender Olive T2N651 comes with a nice feature called “Indiglo”. The Indiglo is a backlight system that lights the surface up in the dark. Indiglo is a brand name of Indiglo Corporation, and is solely owned by Timex for licensing purposes. Timex’s electroluminescent lamps, branded Indiglo, were introduced in 1992 in the Ironman watch line.

The Indiglo lamp uniformly lights the surface of the watch dials in a manner that makes the dial read very easily in many different light settings. In some of the watches, the lamps only light up the hour markers.


Timex Weekender Indiglo

I really like this feature. As an active person myself, I love doing activities during the day and night. Since I’m not the type of person to always have my mobile phone with me 24/7, this watch still gives me the ability to know the time at any moment.

Band & Clasp

The band is made of woven nylon in Olive coloring. A very nice thing about Timex, is that they offer a wide variety of designs and color straps. You are even able to pick a nylon strap with patterns or nice drawings. Timex offers something for everyone.

Timex Weekender T2N651 Nato

Timex Weekender Nato Strap Options

What you normally see is that a band is attached to each side of the watch. This watch works a bit differently. The NATO strap runs behind the case, meaning the strap is made of one single piece.


Timex Weekender T2N651 Clasp

I specifically like the olive band on this watch. To me, it gives the watch an adventurous character. I would love to wear this watch with my casual outfit, especially during the weekend when doing activities.

The clasp used on the watch is a simple silver-toned buckle.


  • Brand: Timex
  • Model: Weekender Olive T2N651
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Case Diameter (mm): 38
  • Case Thickness (mm): 9
  • Band Width (mm): 20
  • Band Color: Olive Green
  • Water Resistance Depth (m): 30 (99 ft)


Timex has made some great watches since its first started making them. This Timex Weekender is one of those great watches. It is durable, reliable and it looks great.

The name Weekender suits the watch very well, which I like. This watch fits perfectly with my active lifestyle and my casual look. The Indiglo feature makes it really easy to read time in the dark, which fits perfectly with an active lifestyle.

There is a disadvantage to this watch, which is the ticking sound. If you keep the watch in a different room than you sleep, you won’t notice it.

The Timex Weekender Olive T2N651 is awesome and comes with a 2-Year Warranty.